Version 2

The most advanced online booking system available resets the BenchMark

In 2016, we moved the bar for online tennis booking to the highest levels by introducing GameTime version 2.0.  With hundreds of new features and the latest  internet technologies. GameTime provides your club with the most advanced and easy to use tennis booking system available. To learn more or for an online demo, contact GameTime today.

Online Tennis Booking

GameTime’s online tennis booking modules allow your members to book facilities, communicate and participate in club events with amazing convenience. In return, you receive higher levels of club activity, new marketing avenues, increased ancillary revenues and comprehensive analytics to make informed decisions.

Business rules related to booking, such as member type restrictions, cancellation policies and advance booking maximums are all built right in, allowing the application and enforcement of fair and consistent booking practices.


  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Badminton
  • Racquetball
  • Curling
  • Aquatics
  • Bowling
  • Event & Meeting Rooms


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Tennis Booking
Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration

GameTime is open sourced to work with a variety of accounting systems enabling you to work with best of breed technologies



Deliver an amazing mobile experience for your members



Use our Email and Advertising features to keep your members informed and updated with everything related to your business

Over 100,000,000 Tennis Bookings

When we started in 2001 there were 10,000 tennis bookings in the first year. Now in 2017 it’s over 25,000 per day.

Mobile Tennis Booking




58% of adults in north america own a smartphone, according to pew research. w3 stats indicate that 22% of web visitors are using smartphone and tablets and this sector continues to grow.

Our web based app is user friendly, fast and can be integrated with existing mobile apps for a seamless member experience.

  • Register for classes
  • Instructors can perform check-in / class attendance from their smartphone anywhere.
  • add appointments to your smartphone calendar
  • Mobile Court Booking