GameTime integrates  with a wide variety of accounting platforms. There are 3 main items we can and would integrate:

  1. Your website and single sign-on, so that members only sign into the website
  2. Member data integration in real time with your accounting system (real-time if your accounting system has this option)
  3. Transactions from GameTime to you accounting system

Accounting system details

GameTime has a full API with Apsen and can synchronise member details instantly. We can move class information and other details to Aspen as the software makes the calls to GameTime. For more information contact GameTime or Aspen Software.

Aspen Club Management Software

CSI software has an API which we can integrate with. If you use CSI and want to use GameTime, please contact us and let us know.
GameTime integrates a number of items with jonas, first a single sign on website , the member data can be set to synchronize throughout the day / night with jonas, and we can display member statements from Jonas in GameTime. Contact us for more details.
MindBody is a partner & friends of GameTime and allows for real-time member data to be synchronized. You’ll need to authorize GameTime to access your data in the Mindbody system.
Northstar can be fully integrated with GameTime, we can setup a single sign on for the website, import member data and export transactions from our modules to Northstar, please contact us for more details.
If you any other systems, it is most likely we can figure some type of integration, most systems have come type of access or method to setup and integration. 



Each of the modules has a setup fee and monthly fee, please contact us for detailed pricing.


What Software or Hardware do we need to get started



 Here’s the recommended list:

  • High speed internet
  • Kiosk in a public area for members to book. This is not an airport style kiosk, a regular computer with a screen is all you need.
  • Internet Browser software, we recommend Google Chrome.

Import Guide