hey, did you know you can take a “selfie” for your own passport photo! yep, that picture is my new passport photo.

During any free time , which is becoming less and less, I’m playing tennis, squash or running.

With 2 small rascals (girls) time is in short supply, but they’re the best.

When i’m programming or designing, i’m usually listening to punk music, my favourties being; Green day, Ramones and Billy Idol.

I once met Roger Federer in New York, but it wasn’t a big conversation, just, Hey, – Hey.

and Travelling is one of my favourite things to do!


my contact details are:

skype: patrick.mcmurrich


Load Testing & Performance

A couple of times a year, clients love to hammer our servers with a massive load of registrations.

We anticipate 5000 – 7000 registrations in a short burst of time. So we setup our load testing software

and each of us enters approximately 500 concurrent users.

Then the count down begins…. and… go. hit the start button and the server is flooded with requests and we watch the results and see if everything is ok or code needs to be tweaked.

so far everything is working fine, but it’s still difficult to simulate a real & heavy registration day.

anyway, until the next load test.





Mobile testing on iPhone 6

Here we are testing GameTime Mobile on the iphone 6.

It looks decent, but things aren’t quite right or fitting perfectly on the screen, so it looks like more css tweaks for Swaty!