GameTime currently supports member data from a large number of club management systems including (but not limited to) Aspen, Jonas, CSI, Aphelion, Motionsoft, Legend, and Twin Oaks. If your club uses a different management system or even a simple spreadsheet to keep track of members, we can likely make it work with GameTime.

The process is relatively simple. It involves: A) Exporting a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file with member data from your club management system and B) Importing that file into GameTime.

Here are the field specifications for the member data (CSV) file:

1) Member ID Number (required – MUST BE UNIQUE, Max 20 characters)
2) Firstname (required)
3) Lastname (required)
4) Membership Level (required – i.e. JUNIOR, ADULT, RESTRICTED, etc.)
5) Gender (optional – M/F)
6) Email Address (optional – but highly recommended)
7) Home Phone (optional – XXX-XXX-XXXX)
8) Work Phone (optional – XXX-XXX-XXXX)
9) Mobile Phone (optional – XXX-XXX-XXXX)
10) Date of Birth (optional – YYYY-MM-DD)



MA3437,Bill,Richards,SENIOR,,,647-222-8899,,, 1930-06-22



  • Please do not include any fields that are not listed above. We only import the fields listed above into GameTime.
  • Make sure the firstnames and lastnames are separated into different fields. Please do not send one field with their “full name”.
  • By default, all data in the member upload file will be treated as “members”. Staff accounts with different levels of administrative access will be created manually within GameTime. Please do not include any staff accounts in the export csv file as these people will be duplicated.
  • In addition to the membership file, we also require a separate list detailing all the different membership levels at your club. This will determine what restrictions certain membership levels will have. If your club does not use membership levels and there are no restrictions, this list can be ommited. However, a membership level is still required in the member file upload.
  • Since a comma is used to separate the fields, please make sure there are no commas(,) in any of the data fields.