We started in 1998 as inSite interactive, a web development company. Our core development team was and still is active in various sports and it wasn’t long until we began to build applications for the sports and health industry. We started with “tournawiz” in 1998 and built an online tournament manager. After this we began to work with international squash tournaments and were proud to provide the web development for the PACE squash classic, The New York – Tournament of Champions and the U.S. Open Squash Championships.

In 2001 we began online court booking, at that time there wasn’t much being booked online; not hotels, not flights, almost nothing at all. We sat around the office debating…”do you think anybody would want to book anything online?”. Now, it’s a given, but back then we really weren’t sure if online booking would catch on, a large percentage of people were still on 28.8 and 56 k modems, so we decided to move ahead and planned to build GameTime to work on dial up modems.

After a year of development we launched GameTime,  It wasn’t long before most people knew us by the name of our product, and in 2009 we officially switched the company name from inSite to GameTime.



Today, we focus on GameTime version 2, the “Benchmark” of online booking for the sports and health industry. As of now (2019) we’ve booked over 200 million appointments for people around the world. We are constantly developing new features and modules to continuously meet the requests and requirements of our clients.

Our head office is located in Toronto at Yonge & Summerhill. If you are in the area please stop by to say hello or play a friendly, maybe fierce, game of table tennis.  We’re here all day and often at night working on designs and creating new programs.


Check out our office video, “Behind the scenes” at GameTime