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Membership Size

  • Unlimited Members
  • Suited For Large Clubs
  • Suited for Small or Medium Clubs
  • First 500 Members Included, additional costs for active members above 500.


  • Comprehensive Administrator Privileges
  • Member Integration for Imports
  • Member Maintenance Can be done Via Integration
  • Jonas API for Member Sync
  • Comprehensive Administrator Privileges
  • Member importing through excel handled by club admin, members can also be added manually.
  • Manual Member Maintenance

 Users and Security

  • Unlimited Users
  • Admin Access Levels and Multiple Member Types
  •  Includes 1 Admin and 1 User type
  • More Can be Added at Additional Cost

 Number of Sports

  •  Multiple Sports as Needed
  • One Sport Included
  • More at Additional Cost

 Number of Courts

  • Multiple Courts
  • Court Groups; Clay, Grass, Outdoor, etc.
  • Up to 5 Courts Included
  • More Courts or Groups Added at Additional Cost

 Court Times

  • Per Courts; Staggered Court Times
  • PT and Special Time Slots
  • All Courts Must use same time
  • Additional Time Blocks Can be Added for a Premium


  • Customization Per Court
  • Unlimited Rules; Advanced Complexity
  • 5 Rules Included
  • Limits on Rule Complexity
  • Additional Rules at Premium


  • Custom Integrations with Club Management Software
  • Vendor Integrations for Payment Processing
  • No Custom Integrations
  • Game Time Preferred Vendor Available for Premium


  • Access to all Reporting
  • Possibility for Custom Reports
  • Reports Available
  • No Custom Reports

 Future Development and Support

  • Access to Personal Software Training
  • Immediate Access to Future Features for Supported Modules
  • Personalized Support
  • Eventual Access to New Game Time Functionality
  • Responsive Online Support